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Announcement: Welcome!

March 29, 2009


Welcome to Rainrock Nutritionals!!

At Rainrock we are here to serve you.  Please come inside and take a look around.  We supply nutrients designed for use by health care professionals in their clinics but available at your convenience.That means that we supply top quality supplements at the best possible prices and you don’t have to find a physician to buy them.


You may contact us at our e-mail address or at the phone number on this page.  Inside you will find all of your Nutritional supplement needs.

The E-commerce portions of this site is OPEN and you can now do all of your purchasing of our products right from your PC. We also take orders the old-fashioned way by telephone. There is a discount for online ordering ONLY!

Retailers and Physicians

We have substantial wholesale discounts available for qualified retail outlets, professional health care providers and holistic practitioners. There is even a separate online store for our wholesale accounts that is only available by special website registration designation. (operating while under construction).

Watch this space for links to our brand new products from Rainrock Nutritionals

A word about shipping costs to our international customers

This is just to clarify shipping charges on orders outside the United States. There is no free international shipping. If you find your shipping charge is “$0” then the shipping charge is undefined for the choice you made for some reason (for instance UPS Ground is undefined outside the US).

We assume in these cases that the least expensive method available for international shipping, usually Priority Mail, will be your choice and the charges appended to the order. If you need to know what these charges will be, then please leave us a note on the order in the comment section or send us an email at [email protected].


Apricot Kernels


Yes, we have them. And we will beat any price on the internet. They are available in our store here. And so are the details of how to get the best price on the internet.

Please make sure that it’s a comparison in US dollars. Often we’ll get Canadian or Australian dollar comparisons to try and beat. Though they’re often close, these currencies aren’t the same value.

These are BITTER apricot kernels. Often sweet kernels can be obtained at much lower prices, but they are not nutritionally equivalent to the bitter kernels.

Shop around. What you’ll see is pricing that looks VERY low but when you check out you’re hit with HUGE shipping charges which are hidden by the distributor until the end of the process! We’ll beat competitor’s  product pricing + shipping charges. Not MEET but BEAT! We still charge only $7.50 for shipping.

Contact Info

Phone- 877-204-1953 (1-614-776-5528)

Fax– 1-614-386-9804

Email[email protected]

SKYPE– rocky.fork1

Surprise-computerWhen we were hacked last week we added some software to beef up security. Unfortunately, it also made some of the software for logging into the website not work anymore.

So we’ve managed to get a new system up and working and we are continuing to work to make certain that kind of hack doesn’t happen again.

Please let us know at the email address provided at several places on the site if you are having log in trouble.

: News

ThanksgivingRainrock Nutritionals will be closed on Thursday and Friday November 27 & 28, 2014 in order to spend time giving thanks for the bounty God has provided to us this year.

We will also take the time to be with our families to enjoy them and all that He has done for us in the last 12 months. Won’t you join us in celebrating this Thanksgiving with your families?

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Thanks to lower costs we’ve been able to lower the price of Omnizyme! If you’ve been waiting for the price to come down to give it a try, now’s your opportunity!

Same advanced formula, lower cost!

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Arthrite™ Is Back!

June 14, 2014

7ARTHRITEThe best aid in fighting the ravages of arthritis has returned!

We are proud to announce the return of Arthrite™.

Arthrite™ is now available in 100 count packages.

And better yet! The price per tablet has been reduced!

Just what you’ve been waiting for.

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VRCMThis is what you’ve been waiting for!

Virucidal is back and we are now shipping!

The best support in fighting colds, flu, sinus infections, and other infectious conditions is available again

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33GESTHCLGestall HCl is back in stock and we are now shipping.

What are you waiting for?

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34GATWe are proud to announce that the new and improved Gestall T is now shipping.

We have changed the formulation to help aid the body with food intolerances and blood sugar control.

Now contains Gymnema Sylvestre and Sialic Acid to blood help support the body in blood glucose control.

The best just got better!

A new shipment of Omnizyme® andOmnizyme® Forte will arrive on Thursday December 19, 2013. All back orders will begin shipping as soon as the shipment arrives.

If your credit card information is outdated we will be contacting you before shipment. If you paid by Pay Pal or online and your information is current we will ship without contacting you.

Thank you for your patience.

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Anticipated Ship Dates

We are anticipating that we will be shipping both back and new orders for Omnizyme® and Omnizyme® Forte during the week of December 16, 2013.

We anticipate delivery to us somewhere during this week and that we will be shipping as soon as this product arrives.

Please feel free to contact us ([email protected], 1-877-204-1953) to inquire about the status of your order or back order between now and then.

If the credit card information we have is out of date we will be contacting you as we prepare to ship orders.

Our apologies for the long wait.

Please Note: Formula Upgrades

There are some changes to the formulation to note

  • There has been a significant increase in the strength of the proteolytic enzyme Trypsin in both Omnizyme® and Omnizyme® Forte. In Omnizyme® the increase is from 9,375 USP units to 18,000 USP units per capsule. In Omnizyme® Forte the increase is from 9,375 USP units to 72,000 USP units
  • There is a significant increase in the strengths of Amylase and Lipase in Omnizyme® Forte
  • Rutin has been removed due to some allergy concerns


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