Winter Specials- Virucidal and Gestall

NEWS FLASH! It’s winter. And that means it’s time to provide maximum support for your immune system. We have a formula designed to give your immune system maximum support and help take the worry out of a long, hard, cold winter.

Virucidal is chock full of potent immune system support ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, echinacea, olive leaf extract, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, zinc, vitamin D3, etc.

The best part is that until March, 2017 it’s 20% off regular price.

Product ingredient details available HERE


But that’s not all! Also until March 2017 we have one of our most popular digestive aids, Gestall, on sale 20% off the regular price.

Mega Gestaid is one of our finest two-phase digestive support products (we make 2 others, Gestall HCL and Gestall T). This product provides a more target support than the simpler Gestall HCL but is a slightly simpler aid than the more targeted Gestall T. This product is potent support for the most important aspect of digestion, the stomach and upper gut. Gestall is more potent and has a more sophisticated enzyme delivery method than Gestall HCL. And now you get to try it at a deep discount.

Product ingredient details available HERE

Health care professionals and retailers be sure to call us at 877-204-1953 to get the 20% off wholesale price.

Closed For Thanksgiving On November 26 & 27, 2015

Family Praying Before Dinner ca. 2001Rainrock Nutritionals will be closed on Thursday and Friday November 26 & 27, 2015 in order to spend time giving thanks for the bounty God has provided to us this year.

We will also take the time to be with our families to enjoy them and all that He has done for us in the last 12 months. Won’t you join us in celebrating this Thanksgiving with your families?

Beware The “Serving Size” Rabbit From The Hat Trick

We’ve had a number of inquiries lately claiming that this competitor or another has a competing product (this is especially true of our Omnizyme® and Omnizyme® Forte enzyme products) that is “exactly the same strength” but MUCH less expensive. Often the claims are that the price for this product is actually close to or below what it costs to make our product.

In almost every case, when we investigate we find that a trick, a “sleight-of-hand,” has been used to make it appear as if the product is “exactly the same strength but MUCH less expensive.” Like a magician, the competitor has used a misdirection to make the customer believe he sees something he really doesn’t see. What is this trick?

It is the “Serving Size” trick. As we explain in our flyer How To Read An Enzyme Label this is a method that manufacturers sometimes use (not always) to make their product look more competitive than it really is, that is they create an illusion of competitiveness.

Here’s how to tell if this is being done. First look at the labels of 2 or more products. If they claim to have the same strengths quickly look at the label under the “Serving Size” which on a standard label is underneath “Supplement Facts” in the upper left corner of the ingredient section of the label. If product A says the serving size is 1 tablet/capsule while product B says 2 tablets/capsules then product B is actually only 1/2 the strength of product A. If product C says the serving size is 3 tablets/capsules then product C is 1/3 the strength of product A.

What does this mean to the cost? Well, lets look at the cost of product A. We’ll assign an arbitrary figure of $50.00 to it. Let’s say that product B is $30.00. But remember that you have to have twice as much product to get the same strength as Product A. So, while product B looks MUCH cheaper it is actually significantly more expensive because it costs $60.00 for the amount required to match product A which costs $50.00. Lets say product C costs $25.00. But remember again that it takes 3 times as much product C to equal product A. That means that product C costs $75.00 to product A which costs $50.00.

Almost every time we get one of these complaints we look beyond the visual trickery and find that the product which claims to be “exactly the same strength but MUCH less expensive” is really significantly more expensive than ours. Don’t get caught in a bad “Rabbit From The Hat” trick like Bullwinkle. Read the labels carefully.


Omnizyme Forte Will Soon Be Back In Stock

67OMNIZYMEFORTEMany of you are wondering why you haven’t been able to get Omnizyme Forte and have had to settle for Omnizyme, instead. Here’s the story.

In mid-March, just as we were supposed to be getting a shipment of Omnizyme Forte from our contract manufacturer we were informed that not only would the product not be delivered when promised, it would not be available in the near future. This meant that the search was on for a new manufacturer.

Well, the search took longer than we had hoped. We had several criteria that we insisted upon; GMP certification, manufacturing experience and quality, raw material availability, ability to manufacture in a timely manner and, of course, price. Finding a manufacturer with all of these qualifications was no simple task and we thought we were close several times only to have it all fall through due to one major problem or another.

After weeks of work and research we finally made our choice and have now gone to contract and Omnizyme Forte will soon be available again.

Will there be any changes?

Yes, there will be.  For the better. The new Omnizyme Forte will still contain nearly all of the old ingredients. We removed rutin due to  food sensitivity issues in a number of customers. It was a minor player in the old formula. The new Omnizyme Forte will be in specially enteric coated capsules instead of the tablets it has been delivered in. It will also be smaller than it has been in the recent past.

Why capsules?

For many years we have been getting requests to put this formula in capsules. We simply couldn’t comply because the technology to protect capsule contents from the gastric juices in the stomach just wasn’t fully developed.

The advantages of capsules are many. There is no loss of enzyme activity due to heat of compressing tablets. There are fewer excipients (binders, fillers, granulating agents, etc. ) required to make the tablet hold together on the outside of the body and break apart in the correct spot on the inside of the body. In other words,  make the product work as it should. Capsules are, for many people, easier to swallow. The only disadvantage is size because tablets compress the ingredients and usually have a smaller footprint. We have also taken advantage of newer technology that allows us to use more concentrated forms of our raw materials and make the capsules actually smaller than tablets have been in the recent past.

Now we can report that the technology is developed to the point where we can deliver the product to you in capsule form with at least an equal, and in our opinion greatly improved, strength and quality. Thus we can now take advantage of that improved technology to bring you the most powerful and advanced proteolytic enzyme formulation available.

When Will It Be Available?

This is being written in late July. We expect to have Omnizyme Forte available in about 8 weeks from this posting. We expect to have an improved Omnizyme product manufactured along the same technology available shortly thereafter. As we know exact delivery dates we will post them here. In the meantime we will once again begin accepting orders for this product on a backorder basis which will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis as it arrives. Get your orders in so we can ship as soon as they arrive! Order HERE



Welcome to Rainrock Nutritionals!!

At Rainrock we are here to serve you.  Please come inside and take a look around.  We supply nutrients designed for use by health care professionals in their clinics but available at your convenience.That means that we supply top quality supplements at the best possible prices and you don’t have to find a physician to buy them.


You may contact us at our e-mail address or at the phone number on this page.  Inside you will find all of your Nutritional supplement needs.

The E-commerce portions of this site is OPEN and you can now do all of your purchasing of our products right from your PC. We also take orders the old-fashioned way by telephone. There is a discount for online ordering ONLY!

Retailers and Physicians

We have substantial wholesale discounts available for qualified retail outlets, professional health care providers and holistic practitioners. There is even a separate online store for our wholesale accounts that is only available by special website registration designation. (operating while under construction).

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Watch this space for links to our brand new products from Rainrock Nutritionals

A word about shipping costs to our international customers

This is just to clarify shipping charges on orders outside the United States. There is no free international shipping. If you find your shipping charge is “$0” then the shipping charge is undefined for the choice you made for some reason (for instance UPS Ground is undefined outside the US).

We assume in these cases that the least expensive method available for international shipping, usually Priority Mail, will be your choice and the charges appended to the order. If you need to know what these charges will be, then please leave us a note on the order in the comment section or send us an email at [email protected].


Apricot Kernels


Yes, we have them. And we will beat any price on the internet. They are available in our store here. And so are the details of how to get the best price on the internet.

Please make sure that it’s a comparison in US dollars. Often we’ll get Canadian or Australian dollar comparisons to try and beat. Though they’re often close, these currencies aren’t the same value.

These are BITTER apricot kernels. Often sweet kernels can be obtained at much lower prices, but they are not nutritionally equivalent to the bitter kernels.

Shop around. What you’ll see is pricing that looks VERY low but when you check out you’re hit with HUGE shipping charges which are hidden by the distributor until the end of the process! We’ll beat competitor’s  product pricing + shipping charges. Not MEET but BEAT! We still charge only $7.50 for shipping.

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