Co-Enzyme Q10 Ubiquinol Softgels- New Low Price!

Rainrock Nutritionals is pleased to announce a new, much lower price on a great supplement!

We are reducing the price on our Co-Enzyme Q10 softgels in the highly absorbable ubiquinol form. The ubiquinol is already a vast improvement over the previous ubiquinone softgel product in terms of product value. Increased absorption means less expense in the long run. But, to provide even more incentive to look into a great product with an increased value,we’ve been able to reduce the price by 33%. Not bad.

Ubiquinol has been praised as the most highly absorbable and handiest forms of the vital nutrient co-enzyme Q10. Unlike co-enzyme Q10 delivered in the original ubiquinone form, ubiquinol doesn’t have the requirement of being absorbed poorly in the absence of relatively large amounts of oils and fats as a carrier. This used to restrict use of co-enzyme Q10 supplementation to around meal times.

There have been many attempts to get around this problem. The one that has been most successful for us has been the use of the sublingual (dissolved under the tongue) tablet form (see our Co-Enzyme Q10 Sublingual Tablets), which is still a VERY important delivery method if quick action is desired. But the new ubiquinol form means that co-enzyme Q10 may be ingested between meals if desired and without use of other oils to boost absorption.

Reduced prices are always GOOD NEWS during economic hard times!

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