I have heard a lotĀ  of great things about some of your products. Can I become a wholesale distributor of your product? How would I do that?

We are primarily a wholesale company. If you already have an existing business with a re-sale number then it’s really easy to become a wholesale buyer. Fax or email us your business information (name, physical address, business address, phone number, website and your re-sale number) and we can have you set up pretty quickly. We love inquiries from health food stores, pharmacies, groceries, and many other walk-inonline businesses who handle supplements. Health care professionals are also welcome, though our parent company has a separate line specifically for health care professionals. We do very well with smaller operations because we keep the price as low as possible and have NO MINIMUM ORDERS! We like locally owned small businesses! or

If you are looking into starting a business, you must first get a re-sale number (vendor’s license) which authorizes you to collect sales tax and do business from your state. Health care professionals are sometimes exempted from this but that is between you and your state. You need either a business license, a professional license or certification or a vendor’s license to become a distributor. You can buy at retail anytime from our retail distributors.

How can I register to use the features on your website?

You can register to activate your ability to leave comments or questions or use some parts of the blog like the Online Shopping pages (available to approved professionals ONLY!) in the right-hand column. The section titled “Log In/Admin” has a “Register” and “Log-in” hot link. Click on the appropriate choice. If you are not registered fill in a “User Name” and a VALID email address. You will receive an email with a password. Don’t lose it! You can change the password anytime in the “Dashboard” which is available when logging-in. It is in the “Profile” choice in the box at the upper right of the “Dashboard.” You will be automatically characterized as a “Subscriber.” “Professional” status is assigned by the system administrator after confirmation of your status.

I’m looking for something specific that I don’t see in your catalog. Do you stock items that aren’t listed there?

This site is for the home company. Many of our distributors carry many, many lines of products. What you see in this catalog is what we currently carry. However, the line is constantly being worked on and improved. We recently discontinued some items and added some items. Keep checking back. And we have connections to other companies so we can get items that are not in our line.

I’m trying to check out from the online store but I don’t have a Pay Pal account. How can I pay you?

You don’t need a Pay Pal account to use the Pay Pal checkout. You only need a valid major credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express). Just use your credit card as you would any other online transaction. The Pay Pal checkout is completely secure and confidential. You can also choose the MANUAL payment gateway. If you have a credit card on file with us, are on a “Net 30 Days” basis or intend to contact us to give a credit card over the phone you can feel free to use the manual payment gateway. Remember that unless you are on a pre-arranged “Net 30 Days” basis or have a valid credit card on file with us you will need to contact us with a credit card for the product to be shipped.

Can you give me advice on what product to use and how to use it for a specific condition?

If you are a health care professional or business owner we will do all that we can to get you all the information you need to serve your customers and clients. We know that the successful use of our products in your practice or sales in your business requires that we relay the latest information about them to you.

What is a two-phase tablet?

A two-phase tablet is a special tablet designed to deliver its contents in two different places. For instance our Hypo Gestaid and Mega Gestaid products contain ingredients which work best when delivered in different parts of the gut. Specialized coatings are used to ensure that no product delivered in the wrong place or damaged by gastric juices.

I’ve noticed that you use lyophilized organs. What does “lyophilized” mean?

Lyophilization is a freeze-drying method. This is the best method for processing organs because it preserves all of the naturally occurring enzymes and nutrients.

Why are most of Rainrock Nutritionals products encapsulated?

Despite the added expense of encapsulation, most of our products are provided in capsule form for several reasons. Capsules are more easily swallowed and digested than tablets. Tabulating compresses the product and generates heat which can contribute to oxidation and quality degradation. Encapsulation does not require the addition of binders and other extra ingredients which can cause product allergies and other problems. Some physicians have recommended that supplements be chewed to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the nutrients. Capsules may be opened and the contents placed directly into the mouth or easily mixed with food to achieve this goal.

OK, that makes sense. So why are some in tablet form?

Some products require specialized systems (see the two-phase tablet question above) for delivery and/or protection of the nutrients (e.g., pancreatic enzymes). This is usually due to a specialized coating designed to foster greater nutrient uptake or because the type of raw materials available require specialized application. This is most easily and inexpensively accomplished by designing the product in a tablet form.

Why are some of your labels purple, blue and silverĀ  and others purple and blue on white?

We are currently transitioning all of our labels to the purple and blue on white because we now print our own labels and the white background is the least expensive medium.

So, can you private label for my clinic or store?

Definitely! Call us for a quote.

Do you drop ship?

Yes we do. We ship with your return address and send you the invoice.

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